A symphony of elegance, where every captured moment becomes a timeless love story, etched in the delicate dance of light and shadow


My elegant, sophisticated and airy style is sure to resonate with couples seeking a beautiful visual narrative for their special day.

My style usually called Fine Art Wedding combining shooting on digital & film have a unique and artistic approach to capturing the special moments of a wedding day.

As a destination Fine art wedding photographer, I typically focus on creating visually stunning and emotionally evocative images. My style may involve carefully composed shots, attention to details, and an emphasis on capturing the unique atmosphere and mood of the wedding day. I try to deliver a truly exceptional experience to my clients.

Film photography adds an extra layer of artistry, and the anticipation and surprise of seeing the developed film can often lead to an




elevated sense of awe and excitement this aesthetic often evokes a "wow" effect.

This "wow" effect I mentioned can be achieved through various means, such as capturing candid and genuine moments, incorporating beautiful scenery and natural light. 

Based in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe I’m can easily travel in Europe and other destinations, this allows me to bring my artistic vision to different landscapes and settings, creating timeless memories for my clients.

Whether it's capturing the romance of a chateau in the French countryside, the charm of a villa in Tuscany, or the coastal beauty of Portugal, I’m trying to create imagery that showcases the beauty of love and celebration.

Elegance Sophistication Airiness

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Introducing the artist working behind the lens



I'm Nadia Vaisse, a destination wedding photographer with 12 years of experience. Photography isn't just a job for me; it's my passion, a way to express love for people, and a means to reimagine and revive favorite artworks through portraits of couples or landscapes and decor.

I feel involved and happy, while I am looking at you through the lens of my camera with all my Heart, Delicacy, and Love, capturing those precious unforgettable moments of your marriage, birth, pregnancy, tender moments of family pleasures.

Destination weddings: where vows are exchanged amidst the grandeur of nature's embrace, and love's journey finds its most breathtaking destination.

Due to Luxembourg's international character I have a unique opportunity to working with clients from different origins, it teached me valuable lessons in adaptability, attention to detail, and respect for traditions.


My works could be found in some reputable wedding blogs, like Magnolia Rouge, Belle Lumiere magazine, Trendy bride, 100 Layer Cake, Burnett Boards, Grey Likes Weddings.

Recently featured in Wedding Sparrow blog & British Vogue (January, February, March 2023 issues).

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      What my clients say



Nadia’s eye for detail, lighting, and color is extraordinary. Her calm and loving presence made me feel like the most beautiful bride.

Kara & William

Lors de notre mariage, nous n’avons pas rencontré une photographe, mais une véritable artiste !

Ton professionnalisme, ta disponibilité, ton écoute et surtout tes conseils ont rendu nos photos sublimes! C'est tellement ce que l'on souhaitait !

Tamara & Carlos

Our photos are better than anything we could have hoped for. They perfectly capture the story of our wedding, with beautiful quality and colours. We love watching them and reliving those beautiful memories.

Mathilde & Fikret

Nadia was able to provide the perfect mix of posed photos, detail shots and candid moments. We couldn't have chose a better photographer and would recommend Nadia Vaisse to anyone who wants to have photos as a reminder of all the different happy emotions that they experienced on their wedding day.

Tara & Jeremy