Aqua Flora wedding inspiration

I was always passionate about fine arts, especially paintings with pastel colors, frescoes, Rococo lovely scenes, and Impressionist works. Combining the aesthetics of different art eras and creating a visual journey through a series of outdoor exhibits is a creative way to showcase the beauty and diversity of art The girl with the crown of flowers made us think of the works of art of painters of different eras: from the Renaissance to the Rococo, from the frescoes of Botticelli to the "Baiser à la dérobé" by Fragonard and Boucher. The idea of ​​the series: an outdoor exhibition (the general image) where we would travel from canvas to canvas as in an art gallery.

Incorporating the aesthetics and atmospheres of pastel colors, Rococo opulence, and the fleeting beauty of Impressionism, adding a touch of Renaissance can result in a visually stunning and evocative setting.