Emerald Wedding Inspiration in Mirwart Castle Belgium

The main focal point of this wedding inspiration shoot is the captivating beauty of the Emerald and its incredible shades of green. LOUISIANE VASONE-FUMERON (Founder of un Jardin de Lumières | Wedding planning & Event design agency), and I are both obsessed with this emerald green, a symbol of prosperity, luck and renewal. It was therefore obvious for us to imagine this wedding editorial around the beauty of this gemstone. We also sought to create a modern and romantic atmosphere, while highlighting a refined and timeless elegance, with a touch of fashion.


The color palette and design of this shoot were therefore imagined in this spirit to subtly highlight the emerald color. The wedding planner chose to combine black, white and gold tones. Black and white are predominantly present to convey a sense of sophistication, while the gold and emerald accents add a touch of glamour and elegance to the ensemble.  Every detail, material and element has been carefully thought out and selected. The delicacy of the stationery, the modernity of the floral decor, the gold, green and black details, all contribute to this harmony with a subtle tinge of luxury and modernity that shines through in this editorial.